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Lecturer - PSYC 396: Laboratory in Social Psychology (Fall 2023) San Marcos
This course covers advanced research methods in life span in social psychology.
Lecturer - PSYC 360: Biopsychology (Fall 2023) San Marcos
This course introduces the biological bases of behavior, including material central to physiological psychology, comparative psychology, behavioral genetics, and sensory psychology.
Lecturer - PSYC 395: Laboratory in Developmental Psychology (Fall 2023) San Marcos
This course covers advanced research methods in life-span developmental psychology.
Lecturer - PSYC 340: Survey of Clinical Psychology (Fall 2023) San Marcos
This course introduces the field of clinical psychology with an emphasis on the application and evaluation of techniques of individual and group counseling and therapy.
Lecturer - PSYC 331: Infancy and Childhood: Theory and Research (Fall 2023) San Marcos
This course focuses on theories, methods, and research in developmental psychology.
Lecturer - MIS 320: Executives Seminar (Fall 2023) San Marcos
The Department of Management Information Systems at California State University San Marcos seeks a part-time lecturer for Fall 2022 to teach MIS 320:Executives Seminar.
Lecturer - PSYC 220: Introductory Statistics in Psychology (Fall 2023) San Marcos
This course introduces basic statistical methods for analysis of data in psychology.
Lecturer - PSYC 210: Child Growth and Development (Fall 2023) San Marcos
This is an introductory survey course that utilizes a chronological approach to examine human development from birth through adolescence.
American Indian Student Success Coordinator, Student Life San Marcos
Under the dual leadership of Student Life and the California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center, the American Indian Student Success Coordinator will participate in the development and administration of student services/programs, which support and enhance the educational experience for students.
Lecturer - CS 211: Computer Science II (Fall 2023) San Marcos
Course Catalog Description: A continuation of program design and development. Introduction to data structures: stacks, queues, linear lists, trees, and sets. Includes pointers recursion, and implementation and analysis of sorting and searching algorithms. Extensive programming is required. Includes introduction to parallel models and algorithms, problem state space, relational database, and numerical approximation methods.
Lecturer - CS 111: Computer Science I (Fall 2023) San Marcos
Course Catalog Description: Introduces computer science and computational thinking through a modern programming language. Includes fundamental programming structures and problem solving skills to support the organization and manipulation of numeric and text data.
Lecturer - CS 231: Assembly Language & Digital Circuits (Fall 2023) San Marcos
Course Catalog Description: The structure of computers, number and character representation, word and instruction formats, and flowcharting. Machine and assembly language programming, address modification, indexing, indirect addressing, subroutines, and mnemonic interpreting systems. Includes digital logic, analysis and synthesis of circuits, and circuits of commonly used computer components.
Planning and Resources Support Coordinator, College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences San Marcos
Reporting to the Associate Dean for Budget and Operations, the incumbent will provide administrative support of operations for the entire College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences (CHABSS).
Lecturer- SSCI 301: Survey of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (Fall 2023) San Marcos
The Program of Social Sciences at California State University San Marcos seeks a part-time lecturer for Fall to teach SSCI 301- Survey of Interdisciplinary Social Science. This course introduces students to the major foci, historical foundations, and the methods employed in the social sciences and teaches an interdisciplinary perspective in order to understand and respond to the central challenges encountered over the life course.
Lecturer - SPAN 101, 102, 201: Modern Language Studies (Fall 2023) San Marcos
The Department of Modern Language Studies at California State University San Marcos seek part-time lecturer(s) for Fall 2023 to teach lower-division Spanish courses, ranging from beginning to intermediate: SPAN 101 (Beg. Spanish I), SPAN 102 (Beg. Spanish II), and SPAN 201 (Intermediate Spanish I). All courses will be offered in-person.
Custodian (1st Shift), Facility Services San Marcos
Under the general supervision of the Manger of Custodial Services, the Custodian performs the full range of custodial work as needed. Ensures that buildings and hardscape are safe, maintained, and clean. Ensures and follows through to complete the set-ups for special events and moves as needed.
Director, ACE Scholars Services, Student Academic Support Services San Marcos
Reporting to the Associate Vice President for Student Academic Support Services (SASS), the Director plans, coordinates, and evaluates all phases of the ACE program, including the supervision of professional and student staff, targeted outreach to current and former foster youth, and oversight of the program’s application review and admission process.
Laboratory Technician II, College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics San Marcos
The Laboratory Technician II will provide comprehensive support to faculty in equipping and running the undergraduate instructional engineering laboratories, including researching, and ordering scientific equipment and supplies, setting up instructional laboratory equipment, providing routine maintenance of equipment, designing, and constructing laboratory apparatus, and assisting in management of laboratory safety procedures.
Head Coach Men's Basketball San Marcos
CSUSM Athletics is a member of NCAA Division II and our Men's Basketball team competes in the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) conference. The CCAA is a highly competitive conference made up of twelve California State Universities. Come join our campus located in North San Diego County just 10 miles east of the beautiful Pacific coast and less than 40 miles north of downtown San Diego. California State University San Marcos was founded as the 20th campus in the California State University system, which now has 23 campuses. We are a rapidly growing, diverse university with a commitment to employee training and development. Enrollment at California State University San Marcos has grown to over 16,000 and we have more than 48,000 California State University San Marcos alumni. We seek to hire the most talented, inspiring and dedicated professionals available.
Lecturer - EDMX 627: Assessment for Planning and Instruction (Fall 2023) San Marcos
The Department of School of Education at California State University San Marcos seeks a part-time lecturer for Fall 2023 to teach EDMX 627: ASSESSMENT FOR PLANNING AND INSTRUCTION. Focuses on methods for assessing and planning so students with disabilities, language, and other learning differences have access to the general education curriculum. Students administer and interpret formal and informal assessments for Individual Education Program planning, implementation, and evaluation.

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