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Plant Inspector

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Temporary / Fixed Term
General Construction, Plant Operator, Safety / Health / Environment / Quality, Trades / Maintenance
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Job Description:

Planning & scheduling

  • Create draft plan for daily and periodic inspections, maintenance/service routines and scheduled repairs factoring in date/time, resource availability, costs, legal aspects, etc.
  • Seek approval from supervisor and schedule tasks according to the approved plan; share the approved plan  with mechanical/electrical teams
  • Schedule inspection of new equipment coming to the site, based on overall guidance and direction from supervisor
  • Plan for timely acquisition/renewal of permits and license's for equipment in line with government regulations in the country of operations based on guidance from supervisor
  • Conduct safety walks on the construction site on a periodic basis

Equipment inspection, maintenance & repairs

  • Monitor timely completion of scheduled maintenance, repairs and inspection activities as per plan
  • Coordinate with the maintenance team to ensure timely inspection of new equipment coming to the plant
  • Coordinate with vendors for replacement/repair of any damaged equipment/components received
  • Guide subordinates on documentation of all activities and coding them basis standard guidelines for future reference
  • Component strategy repair/replacement programs

Inventory management

  • Forecast  number of parts/components required and create stocking plan for spare parts, oils, etc. required for maintenance/repairs in line with the overall plan
  • Guide subordinates on tracking inventory against plan
  • Take corrective measures for any issues highlighted by subordinates; seek support from supervisor, if and when required

Sourcing & procurement

  • Understand equipment specifications shared by project teams
  • Scan the market for suppliers; perform due diligence with respect to price, age, buy-back value etc. of equipment/components in line with Leighton standard guidelines
  • Check equipment documentation for compliance with safety and other legal requirements of Leighton as well as the country of operations
  • Create shortlist of suppliers; coordinate with maintenance teams to carry out inspection of the equipment/component
  • Create reports for each of the shortlisted suppliers and present to supervisor to aid decision-making
  • Coordinate with suppliers for timely delivery of plant equipment; Guide subordinates in preparing necessary documentation; Follow-up with vendors in case of any delays, documentation issues, etc.

People management

  • Set objective goals and evaluate performance of subordinates
  • Train and mentor subordinates on technical as well as behavioural aspects of their respective roles
  • Provide opportunities to the team to develop their capabilities
  • Identify performance gaps in subordinates and provide necessary support to close such gaps
  • Recognise and encourage high performing subordinates
  • Resolve issues faced by subordinates



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