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Engineering - Civil, Surveying
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Job Description:

Site setup & monitoring

  • Understand project drawings shared by the construction team and seek clarifications, if required
  • Carry out preliminary inspection of the site; identify any obstacles and design workarounds for the same
  • Identify coordinates for the site boundary and markers for construction alignment using the primary network as reference
  • Continuously monitor the excavation/construction site for critical parameters viz. ground movement or water table movement

Ongoing pre/post construction support

  • Post completion of each phase of construction, set up coordinates and markers for the construction team to use as reference in the subsequent phase of construction
  • Take measurements with respect to dimensions, alignment, position, etc. of the constructed structure
  • Create system-generated reports (e.g. contour level) or manually develop “as-built drawings” by modifying the plan drawings based on data collected
  • Report the same to the supervisor, construction team, engineering team and/or client representatives on a periodic basis; highlight any red flags for subsequent action planning
  • Perform any additional ad-hoc surveys requested by the engineering/construction teams for record-keeping and/or future planning

Data support for construction planning

  • Guide team members in taking readings from site equipment on a periodic basis, in line with the contract requirements; validate the same from time to time
  • Oversee calculation of volumes, distances, levels, quantities, etc. performed by subordinates, and report red flags to supervisor for subsequent action planning
  • Report forecasted volumes to construction team to aid planning for the next phase of construction

Client/vendor coordination

  • Coordinate with sub-contractor representatives for timely deployment and utilisation of manpower resources
  • Coordinate with data services sub-contractor to validate own data collected
  • Share requested information/reports with the client surveyor from time to time, as required

Equipment handling & maintenance

  • Guide subordinates in calibrating instruments on a periodic basis, checking for possibility of errors and minimising the same
  • Oversee proper handling and maintenance of equipment, including secure storage
  • Monitor equipment annual and interim calibration of equipment by manufacturer as per contractual requirements

People management

  • Set objective goals and evaluate performance of subordinates
  • Train and mentor subordinates on technical as well as behavioural aspects of their respective roles
  • Provide opportunities to the team to develop their capabilities
  • Identify performance gaps in subordinates and provide necessary support to close such gaps
  • Recognise and encourage high performing subordinates
  • Resolve issues faced by subordinates







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